Thursday, November 14, 2013

F/W Things To Love ~ The Series: The Outer Layer

Wow, today and tomorrow then its done...oh how does time fly! Well I'll cut to the chase then.Coats. Coats, COATS!!! Thats what today is about! Everything from a tweed jacket, to a cape,to a trench coat, COATS!! 
The Style Selections: F/W Things To Love ~ The Series: The Outer Layer

Above you can see coats that I love, parkas, coatigans, capes, trench coats. The whole 9 yards. Layering is big for me this fall/winter and I'm definately doin that right now, since the weather here is going from 30 in the morning, to 65 by midday, and back down to 40 by the time I get home. But back to coats instead of me running my mouth about the bipolar Atlanta weather. I wear my letter jacket to school, because it goes with my uniform and is crazy warm, yet big enough for me to layer a sweater/sweatshirt under it. Coats are that outer layer that people see first when they see an outfit. The different coats you can buy are endless. You can pick up a $35 coat from H&M or a $100 teddy pea coat from Topshop. The choices are literally ENDLESS, when it comes to coats. And each is different from the other, and can add a great, stylish flair to an outfit, and if paired the right way, you can use the same coat each day for a week, for different events. Below I've shown 2 ways to wear similar coats, one for an everyday look with a tank and joggers (that favourite piece I've shared with Beyonce), and one for a more dressy look, probably one for an interview! 
The Style Selections: F/W Things To Love ~ The Series: The Outer Layer
The Style Selections: F/W Things To Love ~ The Series: The Outer Layer

Because I am me, and I would write anything about something I don't currently own/will buy, I of course have plenty of coats in my closet. When I say coats, I'm also lumping in leather jackets, pea coats, and other jackets and cardigans. There should be an outfit post soon with a coat I got as a present last year from Topshop (favourite store right there), and its one of my favourite coats in my closet. 
I hope you enjoyed part 6, and in case you missed the first one on ankle boots, click here to check it out again, and the second one here on leggings and tights, part 3 click here on jeans, and part 4 on sweaters right here, and part 5 which was on Blouses!!!!Come back tomorrow for Part 7 (I'm almost bawling since its over)!

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