Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New (Beauty) Bits: 2 Instanatural Body Creams

Being young is a good and a bad thing. Good things, like good skin, don't come easy to everyone. I have not had the fortune of having the most beautiful skin, which is partly my own fault. I did not exfoliate properly when I was little so now I have lots of stretch marks, but now, I've got a new way to fix that or at least not make them look so bad. 
The Style Selections: New (Beauty) Bits: 2 Instanatural Body Creams

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dear Santa...Here's My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa, hope this letter finds you's been a pretty good year for me, so I hope it's also been so for you! I bet you are getting all of the presents ready for the little ones, so I'll make this quick and easy. There's only a few things on my list, but they aren't much, but just enough for me. 
The Style Selections: Dear Santa...Here's My Christmas Wishlist

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mickey, Minnie, and a Trampoline

Around her at The Style Selections, we like to have fun!! So when I saw that my friend who helped me with my portfolio had a trampoline in her backyard, I knew that I had to take pictures for a post on it. 
Coat - Topshop Boutique (S/O, similar here) | Crop - Forever 21 (S/O, similar here) | Leggings - Vintage (similar here
As you can see above, I obviously had tons of laughs during this shoot! I got lots done this day and I can't wait to show you all my final portfolio! 
Have a great Christmas break if you're off and if you have exams, may the odds be ever in your favor!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Christmas Vinted Wishlist

Christmas is right around the corner and I can't believe how fast the year has flown! In the spirit of giving, I thought I'd share with you all my Vinted wishlist! If you don't remember, I talked about the fabulous clothes re-selling app a bit ago on my Tech Tuesdays and now I'm back to share with you all the joys of what I may be buying off of there in the Christmas age! 
For those of who have been following me for a while, you know that I'm obsessed with many things, jumpsuits being at the top of my list. If you didn't know, now you do know! I love them because I can always dress them up or down depending on my mood and they are super easy to travel with! My dream for this Christmas is to get loads of jumpsuits, so I've scoured the Vinted site and app to find my favourites out of the thousands available! I'm linking you to them in my writeup of what my choices are and why, so if you find something and fall in love, GO GET IT! 
The first 5 are all similar, dungarees/overalls what ever you want to call them. The majority of the ones on my list are denim of course, but I've also added some others for variety!
The Style Selections: Vinted Christmas Wishlist
I'm going to explain my choices left to right, so first up is the denim pair on the end! The price drew me to these. Before I tell you how much they are, can I just talk about how great they are? Cute, good condition, classic cut. And best part? They cost $5. $5! No kidding!! You can find them here to verify my statement, but I swear I'm not pulling your leg! The second pair are just a simple pair of light wash denim overalls. They're $12 on Vinted which is alot better than you may find them for at a vintage store! Find them here if you like! My third choice is from Wet Seal and these are actually acid washed denim! I don't own much acid washed denim, but these are great and I can wear them so much once it heats up! They're available here in a size 4 for $18 if you click here! The fourth pair is from Bebe and if you want to try and buy them before me (they're great so I wouldn't blame you), you can find them in a size 8 for $32.50 by clicking here! The last pair is from Wet Seal also and the person is selling these GORGEOUS floral dungarees for $15! Who doesn't love cheap clothes, but also adorable cheap clothes?! You can find them by clicking here! x
The second part of my wishlist is full of colorful jumpsuits that aren't in the overall/dungaree cut. I really enjoy jumpsuits because they are so versatile and the ones below are just that!
The Style Selections: Vinted Christmas Wishlist
Again, left to right, so first up is the beautiful purple one on the end! Okay so you know that fabulous English brand Motel Rocks? Well this is Motel Rocks and gorgeous and $25.50 and satin and UGHH! Can you tell how in love I am? It's a great price and fabulous romper so if you want it, click here and grab it before I do! The second one is from Jantzen and it's more of something that I would wear on vacation than everyday or on a night out. The deep V is so sexy and it's backless and all summer I'm going to be showing off (what I hope will be) my toned back. It's the fabulous price of $6.40 so click here to find more! From the picture above you can tell that you're about to be hit with florals for the next 2! The third romper is from Mimi Chica and is so cute! It's something to wear when it's warmer obviously, or if you're daring, with tights, ankle boots and a sweater in the cooler months! It's very cute and available for only $10, so I'd recommend it!! The fourth pair is another from Motel Rocks that is available for a fabulous price! It only costs $8 and is in a size 8, and is available here! The last one is perfect for the Christmas season! It's already a dressier romper and the peplum detailing will make it  look fab on any body type!! You can find it here for $8.70 (which is a fabulous price!) x
We're almost at the end of my wishlist so I thought I'd end it with a couple classic long jumpsuits! 
The Style Selections: Vinted Christmas Wishlist
The first of the jumpsuits you see above is in this beautiful turquoise fabric that will look beautiful on vacation somewhere tropical! It's simple and pretty and can be found here for $6! For the second one, even though the belt doesn't come with it (insert crying emoji), I really love this jumpsuit and it's cut! It's classic and gorgeous and I can buy my own belt and recreate the look!! You can find it right here for $15! I love elephants, which is why I picked my third jumpsuit! It's got an elephant pattern on the bottom which is really nice and a simple halter top! It's great and has an awesome print so why wouldn't I love it?! If you like it as much as I do, find it here for $15! Just as much as I love jumpsuits is my love for biker jackets and the fourth jumpsuit combines both and gives me so much life! It's not leather but is an awesome jersey fabric! Guess makes amazing clothes and this jumpsuit is no different! It's only $25 which is such a steal! But remember, my paycheck comes in about a week, so you'd better get it here and fast! So for my final jumpsuit, I've brought to your attention another simple spaghetti strap one, and this one comes with a really cool pattern on it! It's only $19 and comes in a size 4, so check it out here
Well this is the end of my Vinted Christmas wishlist! You've become witnesses to my jumpsuit obsession so if I start putting a million jumpsuits up on the blog, don't act surprised!! I hope you enjoyed and if you're interested to see what I'm selling, pop on over to my Vinted store here and find it all! x
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