Wednesday, November 13, 2013

F/W Things To Love ~ The Series: Blouses

Phew Part 5 already? Oh how does time fly!! But anyways, this post is on one of my favourite layering pieces, and and if you don't think up you can layer a blouse, you are sadly mistaken!! Blouses can be worn open, closed, buttoned, tied, wrapped, etc. and I love a good blouse! 
The Style Selections: F/W Things To Love: Blouses

Above I have posted some of my favourite blouses that I've come across through polyvore. I've included a few thicker ones and a few that are for work/going out times. Blouses can be simple or printed, which comes in handy when it is time for a party, or printed for daily use. Blouses don't always entail a thin, flowy, chiffon top, but they can also be a thicker, tartan top or a chambray top. The ability to pair a single blouse with a skirt, or a pair of jeans, and wear it plenty of places, is lovely because you can toss a jacket over it and look stylish, or a comfy knit sweater to look casual. Blouses are great for layering because you can always pull the top layer off, and if you choose to wear a check shirt with something underneath you can pull it off and tie it around your waist for instance. Blouses can come cropped or oversized, and you can buy an expensive one or one from a thrift shop. You can find a couple of sets below of how I would wear blouses, and especially how I would layer them, one for going out, the other for just hanging with friends (not necessarily with heels). 
The Style Selections: F/W Things To Love: Blouses
The Style Selections: F/W Things To Love: Blouses

I have plenty of them in my closet, but I want some printed ones so some new purchases may be in order. The ability to change them out, pair them with new things, and layer them. It's supposed to get into the 60s here next week (FINALLY) so the time for layering instead of just wearing 5 sweaters all day  will be back soon to the blog.  

I hope you enjoyed part 5, and in case you missed the first one on ankle boots, click here to check it out again, and the second one here on leggings and tights, part 3 click here on jeans, and part 4 on sweaters right here!!!!
Come back tomorrow for Part 6 (almost done peeps)!

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