Tuesday, November 12, 2013

F/W Things To Love: Chunky Knit or Fluffy Knit?

Day 4, and this one is inspired by the sudden weather change! In Atlanta, its gone from 75 degrees to about 45 in the span of a week, and needless to say, I'm not a fan. If I go to New York or up north for college...wish me luck! This post is about sweaters! Sweaters are necessary this year for me, I wear them every year, but I mostly stuck to sweater dresses....don't ask.
The Style Selections: F/W Things To Love: Chunky Knit or Fluffy Knit?

Sweaters are a favourite of mine, and this year, you will see me cuddled up in a good one on Instagram or on here in an outfit post, because like most of you, i like being WARMM!!! Above are a few ones, again of varying prices, that I have slowly but surely fallen in love with through polyvore. Sweaters can have a really thick knit that is nice and fluffy or a good cable knit, or it can be a bit thinner or looser knit, which are good for an airport or a restaurant. I've also included sweatshirts in this because sweatshirts are almost the same, but most times have more printing, and are more casual. I can just pull one out of my closet, and when paired with the right the right things, I can make the outfit work to my advantage! Sweaters are great because of (this is a word in every one of my F/W essential posts) the variety they can give. One simple sweater can be dressed up or dressed down to fit the occasion, and still be used to keep warm. Sweaters can be worn by themselves in the early fall, or layered over other tops and under coats when it gets cooler. Sweaters can come crewnecked, turtlenecked, cable knitted, fluffy knitted, and the list goes on! I just got a new one out of my dad's closet that I have worn with a skater skirt for dinner, and with jeans for a football game. Below I've included 2 ways I would wear sweaters, and feel free to click and go to my polyvore.
The Style Selections: F/W Things To Love: Chunky Knit or Fluffy Knit?The Style Selections: F/W Things To Love: Chunky Knit or Fluffy Knit?

I'm buying a new one soon hopefully, or going thrifting for a new vintage one, so there will definately be a few sweater weather ootd's before the Atlanta weather heats up again!! Sweaters (and sweatshirts) are perfect to me because I get to be warm, and I can wear them with just about anything! Win-win solution right here!! 

I hope you enjoyed part 4, and in case you missed the first one, click here to check it out again, and the second one here, and part 3 click here!!!!
Come back tomorrow for Part 5 (almost done peeps)!

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