Thursday, November 13, 2014

New (Beauty) Bits: Modere Beauty Box

Hello lovelies!! It's been so long since I've made a post for you all and I'm so so sorry for that! But I've got a new one for you all that will hopefully make it better! I was reached out to by a company called Modere and they asked if I would like to review their Beauty Box. I realized that I'm in dire need of new beauty products for the F/W because my face is PEELING super bad at the moment. So I hopped on the chance and...
I loved it!!! 
Above you can see all of the goodies that I got in this box. It was a face kit and I loved it so much! It came with a free trial sample that I keep, with an exfoliant, antioxidant gel, anti-aging serum, dual action eye gel, and an antioxidant hair gel! They are all so great and after a week, I can already tell how much softer and smoother my face is! And I did try the gel after I made a Youtube video about the box, and boy, it's fabulous!! The box is only $79, which is a steal for all of the things above, BUT what you can do is order it for FREE, try the samples, and if you like it, you pay the $79. If you don't like the box (unlikely), then send it back for free with the return label they send. What's so wrong with that? 
If you're interested, click here and order your Modere box!! If you do, please let me know how you liked everything, I really wanna know if you liked it as much as I did! Remember it's free to try, so what's stopping you
And I almost forgot! I made a Youtube video that you can watch below! It goes more in depth than this post does! 
*Although Modere reached out to me, I paid for the box so all opinions expressed are mine and only mine!*
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  1. This looks amazing !!:)
    Great choises

  2. thestyleselectionsDecember 9, 2014 at 8:37 PM

    It was an amazing product to try out! I don't regret it!