Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Le Guide Noir

Today is a bit weird for Tech Tuesday because I'm not talking about an app for once. Today, I'm going to talk about a new tool for bloggers that actually found me. Le Guide Noir is a new ranking tool that ranks bloggers and helps them make the most out of their site. Le Guide Noir is a new tool, but I can see the potential it has to help me do great things with my blog! 

There are lots of things I lke about Le Guide Noir but the main tool that I find the most helpful is what they call "The Tool." "The Tool" consists of 4 main sections, 3 of them about your blog. Below is a screen cap from my profile of my followers per social network.
The first section delineates the bloggers rank and certification on Le Guide Noir, with the 3 categories being non-certified, certified, and elite. The path to becoming elite is simple and opens many doors for the site that make it very user-friendly! 
The next section is about the blogger's rank on the site. The algorithm that Le Guide Noir uses compiles all of the data from your site, showing you followers, likes, and comments across a wide range of social networks!
I want to tell you all more about the next sections, BUT I need to leave something to the imagination!
If you're interested and want to be apart of the network, please join here and I'll hopefully see you all in the rankings soon!! 


  1. This post is very usefull ,im alwayd looking for new tools and this sounds interesting
    thanks for sharing:))

  2. thestyleselectionsDecember 9, 2014 at 8:36 PM

    Hello!! It really is such a helpful tool, I really do recommend it!