Friday, August 29, 2014

My Labor Day Festival Essentials

Labor Day is the last big day of the summer in America, and this weekend I'm going to be hitting up Imagine Music Festival so I thought I'd write up what's going to be in my bag this weekend!!
The Style Selections: My Labor Day Festival Essentials

First, is a rain mac. It's (unfortunately) supposed to be raining some this weekend, so I'm definitely going to have a foldable rain jacket in my bag that I whip out at the slightest sight of rain!! Umbrellas are a hassle and unnecessary and no one wants to worry about makeup running, hair proofing, or poking the dancer next to you in the face. Rain jackets are easy and quick!! Perfect festival item!

Next, comfy walking shoes! At a festival, there are multiple stages and performances going on all day, so walking is necessary. Having shoes that won't cause blisters and keep you on your feet is ideal. To me,  open toed shoes aren't the best, just in case it rains. If nothing but sunshine is in store, try your luck with the festival staple, Birkenstocks.

A light outerwear is a got to have if your festival, like Imagine, goes well into the night. Even though the GA heat can be at 85 well into the night, I am definitely bringing a small jacket that I can fold and put in my bag with my mac. I get chilled easily, and if it gets cold, I'm pulling it out and wearing it.
A cross body bag is a festival got-to have because you will need some way to carry everything, BUT a cross body rests on your hip, so it makes sure that you won't get home and find that your wallet and phone have been "removed" from your bag. 

Watches are important because at a festival,there is always one or more performers that you are DYING to see, but there set is only at a certain time, so having a watch, will keep you on time and you'll make it to that set!! 

Sunglasses. Sun + eyes = not good. Sunglasses are essential to protect you eyes and make sure that you can always see your favourite performers all day!! 

Flower crowns are so boho hippie and fun!! They may not be your thing, but they are mine!! I never get real chances to wear them so this weekend I'm taking FULL advantage!! 

I hope you hall enjoyed this, and please let me know of YOUR festival essentials in the comments!! I can't wait to share the festival with you all!! Have a great weekend!! 

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