Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Headspace

Deep breath.
Sounds like you're taking a yoga class right? Not so!! I've come across this fantastic app, Headspace, and its probably one of the best apps that will benefit me physically/mentally that I've ever found.
Being a high school senior in the midst of applying to college, every once and a while, I need to clear some space in my head. This app is great because it does just that.
Headspace starts you off with just 10 minutes a day of just relaxing. Sounds simple? Not so! Once you try it, you realize "OH MY GOD THIS IS HARD" because it is...it's insanely hard to just not think for a few minutes and clear some space in your head.
I love this app, loved it from day 1. It uses cute animations to keep you entertained, and it uses a nice, soothing voice to relax you.
If you're interested and want to try it, its free on the Google Play store here, and on the Apple App Store here. 

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