Thursday, July 31, 2014

Talk To Me Thursday: Natalie Ogletree of Love is Apparel

Just when I'm getting you all used to my usual rhythm, I pull something new out of the bag to surprise you all!! This time, it's interviews!! Every final Thursday of each month, I'm prepped with a fresh interview for you all. Kicking off all of the fun is Natalie Ogletree of Love is Apparel!!! 

1. Hi Natalie! Thanks for being the first person, and I'm glad to work with you again! So first things first, tell us a little about yourself and Love is Apparel! 
Of course, and thanks for thinking of me! Well, my name is Natalie Ogletree and I'm 24 years old from San Antonio, Texas. I've lived in Texas my whole life and started Love Is Apparel at 19 years old when I was a freshman in college, but I actually just moved out to LA to continue growing the brand :) So get excited for more cool things to happen!
2. Where did you come up with the name, Love Is Apparel? 
It doesn’t have a super complicated meaning, I just wanted the brand to revolve around love and life. The name kind of rolled off my tongue and I liked the way it sounded, so that was it!
3. What made you want to start this company? 
I didn’t want a normal job in college and I've always been into fashion and design, so I started doodling random phrases and sayings and thought, “This is kind of cute. I wonder if anyone would wear this…” so I came up with a whole line. I began testing the waters with a few shirts and trying to grow my online presence and it started out so well that I just kept doing it. Now I love it and want to be doing it forever!
4. Three words to describe your tees and your company?
Chill, heartfelt, and sometimes sassy
5. Any favourite bloggers you can't live without?
Sincerely Jules and WeWoreWhat! Adore them.
6. Favourite quote? 
“It’s a new era in fashion, there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”
—  Alexander McQueen
7. Where would you like to be with Love is Apparel in a few years? 
Still going strong on our website, but also available in boutiques and even chain stores across the U.S. I also want to keep releasing bigger lines with more variety!
8.  Where does your inspiration for your tees come from? 
Lyrics and literature, concerts, fashion trends, and pop culture.
9. If you could only take 3 things with you on a desert island, what would you take? No boats, planes, or phones allowed!
No phones?! You're killing me girl! ;) Haha kidding but umm I’d take my dog Roxy, Alexa Chung’s book It, and my Fujifilm Instax camera.
10. What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment as head of Love is Apparel?
I feel like my biggest accomplishment is actually more internal because owning my own business has caused me to grow up a lot over these 4 years. I'm getting over being scared and nervous to tell people about the brand or caring about what negative thoughts people might have about the products. I've realized that all that matters is you guys: the ones who love LIA and follow us and wear us to your favorite concerts and tell all your friends about us! So I guess that makes my biggest accomplishment just having the courage to continue growing this small brand because of the encouragement and positive feedback I get from fans and my friends and family :) So THANK YOU!!!
11. If you could go back in the past and tell yourself one thing as you were starting Love Is Apparel, what would you say?
Don’t try to please everyone. Go with your gut.
12. If you could have 1 person or group wear your shirts, who would it/they be?
One Direction. That’s my #1 goal :)
Thank you Natalie for being my first interviewee, I loved your answers!! If you all are interested in Love is Apparel, feel free to check out their site here!! 


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