Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Wear Today

OOTD app again for Tech Tuesday!! This week its Wear Today, a handy iphone app where you can capture your outfit and post it to any of your social networks for the world to see!! 
I found Wear Today when I was searching for iPhone/iPad app that connected to my Instagram and Tumblr and simplified the process of me showing off my daily outfits for you all. I post the good days on here and I just click post to tumblr/instagram and I instantly have a Instagram picture that tells everyone where I got the items from and that looks nice visually.
This app is an instant with me because it's ridiculously simple and the app is aesthetically pleasing and creates great photos that I'm sure you all will enjoy/appreciate one day. I am going to use this app alot more now that I'm getting a new phone, and my pictures will turn out 100x better than they used to be. You've probably noticed my outfits on Instagram, and there's more to come.
You can find the app here for iPhones only!!!  

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