Monday, April 28, 2014

Shh. I've got Keds News for You!!

The Style Selections: Shh. I've got Keds News for You!!
Keds has an awesome new opportunity for any fashionable lady, but don't let the news out yet!! 
If you are within the ages of 13-17 or 18-24, Keds wants you to help in a new influencer community to help them create new Keds styles and pieces, and also have a private place to share your opinions with other fashionable women like yourselves! And plus, there's the opportunity for for free treats from Keds, who doesn't love that?
And did I mention that the entire program was free?
The Style Selections: Shh. I've got Keds News for You!!
I applied to be a trendsetter, and I was accepted! The site they use is so simple and user friendly, and you get lots of sneak peeks at their potential shoes!! Who knows, your choices and opinions may just influence what's on your friends' feet next season!! The site is filled with little quizzes and forums for you to share your ideas with the other members. Keds also has little prizes going on weekly, so that's another perk of applying!
All you have to do is click here and fill out a simple questionnaire! The questionnaire is quick and straightforward, and if you think you're a mega fashionista and you qualify for the program, APPLY!! You never know what could happen and by applying, you give yourself the opportunity to inspire new styles and meet new people who also love fashion!! After you apply, Keds will contact you and let you know the status of your application!
I hope to see some of you in the program!! And remember, spots are limited (and this program is TOTALLY FREE, because who doesn't love free?) and apply soon!!!
Lots of love x
The Style Selections: Shh. I've got Keds News for You!!

*I did receive compensation from Keds to write this post, but the opinions and words written are all mine, the images above belong to Keds and Coco & Creme. * 

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