Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Pre-Weekend Preview : Fashion's Distinction

A few months ago, I bought a tickets for Fashion's Distinction, a new event being hosted in Atlanta. You don't see many events in Atlanta outside of the small Fashion Week, so when I saw this opportunity, I immediately bought a ticket! The title of the event this year is “What Set’s You Apart” and I think this is the PERFECT name for a fashion event!! We all have things that set us apart from each other, and fashion is a biggie!! 

The Style Selections: A Pre-Weekend Preview : Fashion's Distinction

This event is a giant exhibition for shoppers, so I'm bringing my wallet this weekend! Fashion's Distinction is giving one of a kind retailers for this event, and I can't wait to see what they have!! 
I know by now you're probably wondering why on earth is she writing this post?? Well Fashion's Distinction offered a few Atlanta bloggers the opportunity to cover this event, and guess who's one of them?? (Just in case, it's me!) 

The Style Selections: A Pre-Weekend Preview : Fashion's Distinction

As a blogger and a VIP (I bought the ticket, but unlike you may think, it was only $20, and again, I know $20?? How great is that?!), I am able to participate in the Red Carpet and the exclusive early shopping time, and I also get a "Glam Bag".  The "Glam Bag" is not just a bag. It includes a ride from Uber, which so happens to be my favourite new taxi service, drinks from Monster Energy Drinks, goodies from ONLI Beverages, Gems and Baubles, and Shy Shy Wear. A few days ago, I found out that Amadi Jae, a singer, song-writer, and producer will be at the event, so who knows, I may get a little interview to share with you all and a peek at her music!! 
This event is going to be packed with fashion, goodies, and surprises, so many that I don't been know how many there will be!! I'm excited to share everything with you all what I see at the event!! If you want more information visit here to the event site on Eventbrite or email info@fashionsdistinction.com!! If you're attending, send me a tweet @styleselections and I can't wait to see you all there!! 
Lots of love x

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