Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to be a Cheapskate and Still Have Friends

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The Style Selections: How to be a Cheapskate and Still Have Friends

Are we still in a recession?  I’m not sure, but it sure feels like it.  Lots of people are still struggling, but there’s an upside to this – if you think you’re alone in your broke-ness, you’re not.  A lot of your friends are probably living on the cheap as well, and there are ways for you all to be frugal together.  Here are a few tips for living life on a budget while still keeping your friendships!1. Be honest with the friends you have.  It won’t do you any good to skip out on friend dates and girls nights just ‘cause your broke, and you certainly shouldn’t force yourself to spend $75 on a meal you can’t afford (hello, credit card debt).  If you really can’t scrape together the cash to do something your friends wanna do, speak up!  Maybe you can all decide on a cheaper option, or you can still join in on what they’re doing (ie, a dinner) while spending little to no money (split an appetizer, just get a drink or munch on the free bread).2. Find new friends that are in the same boat.  With websites like meetup.com and blogs like And Then We Saved, it’s easy to make friends both on and offline that are feelin’ the frugal life just like you.  I’m not saying you should ditch your wealthier buds (hey, they could spot you lunch once in awhile) but a little bit of support never hurt anybody.
3. Become a hostess.  No, I don’t mean at a restaurant (though a side job might be a good idea).  Movie nights and dinners at home are always cheaper than going out; take the initiative to make plans at your place and invite your friends over.  It’s more personal than going out to eat, and you’re able to talk more than at a movie theatre.  Other pals will probably follow suit after they realize how much fun it is to stay in sometimes!Take these three easy steps and I promise you won’t lose the people you love, despite your dry spell.  What’s that old saying – “money can’t buy love”?  Yeah, you know what I mean.

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