Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Style - Neutrals

Hey everyone! Courtney here, from As We Stumble Along.  So today,I’m going to talk about wearing neutrals-some of the key pieces in every wardrobe,as they are VERY versatile. There’s two ways you can work them-

The Style Selections:How to Style - Neutrals
As I did with this outfit, you can make the neutrals pop by pairing them with very bright pieces to make them stand out. Notice how the neutrals look more fun when they’re paired with the bright red?That makes this outfit more bold and dramatic as a whole,and has the key balance without specific pieces stealing the spotlight-It helps to keep the eye flowing,such as in an art piece or photo. (Look here if you want to see more about this outfit)

B) could go the other way,and blend the piece by pairing it with other neutral wardrobe pieces.(Don’t ask me how I ended up with two shirts with tan and black stripes.) and blend the neutral piece by taking up a neutral mood for your outfit as a whole,with no key pieces standing out.
The Style Selections:How to Style - Neutrals

This outfit was a lot about patterns.(See more about it here). The shirt had pinstripes,and to keep the outfit from getting boring,I made sure to add my black floral Doc Marten knock offs. As they are separate,the contrasting patterns keep it from looking too busy,and make the outfit more interesting as a whole-but you may notice with the neutral color scheme,it is much more low key than the outfit shown above where I paired it with brights.
One color family-two ways. How do you wear your neutrals?

Thank you to Jordan for being such an amazing host and making me feel welcome,to share my rambling with you all :P Give her some love for having such an amazing blog!(: If you’re interested in seeing more of mine,here’s my bloglovin-.

Thanks again guys,and remember,no matter what happens..Just keep stumbling along.


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