Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Beauty Bits: Vibrance Vitamins

So as introduced earlier this week, I have a new segment on the blog! This time it's beauty!! So many people, like me, want long, strong hair, but it just doesn't happen..sad I know. I'm apart of Brand Backer, an awesome site where bloggers can connect with brands and work with them, and I came across these fabulous vitamins for designed to help your hair! They called Vibrance Vitamins, and they are great though. 
The Style Selections: New Beauty Bits: Vibrance Vitamins

My hair is mostly up in braids, but it was down while taking the first week or two, and I could actually tell there was new hair growth. I never ever ever actually can tell there's new hair when my hair is out of braids because it grows SO SLOW. I found a picture of me in the sixth grade before writing this, and my hair has grown about 12"-16" and I'm a junior (11th grader) now! But these vitamins are actually great!! The smell and feel of them as I swallow isn't my piece of pie, but it's bearable. There is a code that you can use to buy the vitamins, it only works on amazon. You can buy the vitamins by clicking this link here or the one above, and the code is EUN15OFF. The bottles come in 30-60 day trials, so check it out!! I hope you all do check these out, and let me know if you have the same success as I do. x
*Disclaimer - These vitamins were given to me for free, but the opinions expressed in the post are mine and solely mine.* 

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