Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day....or rather my 16th repetition of Singles Awareness Day

Valentine's Day. The Day of Love, where couples across the globe enjoy having one day to show everything they love about each other. All day....BUT its also the one day when I can enjoy being single and just being me. I've come up with some ideas about what I would love to wear, especially if I had plans tonight. 
The Style Selections: Valentine's Day....or rather my 16th repetition of Singles Awareness Day

I've become a big fan of crop gowns and dresses this season, and I found one at Topshop that I love (similar to this one). Valentine's Day is the perfect day to wear read however I want, and red and black is simple and classy. And plus, who doesn't love a stellar Giuseppe Zanotti heel? 
Oxblood has been a key color this season, and pairing a grey & leather shift dress with an oxblood clutch and coat is a great way to stay on trend, and look super cute (and warm).
The Valentino Rockstuds. In (almost) every fashion blogger's dream closet, I created this outfit around these shoes. Red and black again as my simple color pairing, but the Rockstuds make the outfit a bit edgier. 
Okay now that I'm done raving about what I would wear and why, let's get back to reality. I'm single, a teenager, and still in my parents' house. My chances of going out for Valentine's are pretty shot. In reality, I'm going to be cuddled up on my couch in a nice oversized sweater with a nice bowl of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream, watching a SUPER SUPER chick flick, or I'm going to be babysitting for my cousin. Below you can see what I will 99.9% be wearing tonight.
My Topshop sweater that I bought off of ebay is almost necessary for this year, along with a comfy pair of joggers or jeans, is fabulous, but it wouldn't be complete without my favourite converse. If I do go out with my family (by some sheer miracle), a nice red blouse and leather jacket are a nice replacement for my sweater, but I get to keep my jeans and converse. Who doesn't love that?!
The Style Selections: Valentine's Day....or rather my 16th repetition of Singles Awareness Day
Well I hope you all enjoy the day of love, and you all spend the day with the ones you love!! Be sure to check my instagram here to see what outfit won the outfit battle, and I hope you all have a good week!! There will be more posts up this week since this storm finally ended, and everything is now queued for this week!! Below is a Valentine's playlist for you all, enjoy x


  1. The V-day don't mean a thing to me. But I like your compilation of 2 coloured outfits :)

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  2. Nice outfits, even as part of a couple v-day doesn't have to be super special haha ;)

    Hope you'll find your valentine soon :)

    xoxo Saranda

  3. Thanks!!
    And hopefully so :)
    Hope you had a good Valentine's Day,
    Jordan xx