Monday, December 2, 2013

Music (Not) Monday

So this week has been a good week for me, music wise, or should I say 2 weeks ago! I started writing this post last week, but between life, school, and THANKSGIVING/BLACK FRIDAY, I didn't get the time to post it! The world's biggest girl and boybands (in my opinion) released their new album's recently, and may I just say, absolute perfection. I don't know if words can describe how happy these two albums make me. Salute by Little Mix and Midnight Memories are both out now (Salute US release February, but released in the UK) and if you ever had any doubts about these bands about the over popiness, you have little to worry about now.
The Style Selections: Music (Not) Monday The Style Selections: Music (Not) Monday

Well I'm going to kick off this album review with some major girl power, aka Little Mix. Where to start with this album....well its just freaking amazing. I don't know if I've stated this before, but I've loved Little Mix since their start on XFactor in 2011, when they won!! I have their album DNA, which was their debut and was pretty good, but I knew there was something missing...their harmonies I fell in love with were missing!! And when I heard Salute was coming out, I prayed they would get it together, and let me say these girls did not let me down!! I first heard their single "Move" and I died the first time. If you haven't heard it, a) you're missing out b) its freaking amazing c) I've embedded it below just for you. If you have, a) skip the video and keep reading b) jam out to some of Jade, Jesy, Leigh, and Perrie's awesome tunes. 

Okay so back to my story, I preordered Salute the second I could, but being in the US, I have to wait until February (-__- I know...), but thankfully Tumblr kept me sane!! I was able to hear the entire album and wow I love it. Its got dance tunes, slow ballads, and throwback pop, and its got a great balance of all 4 of these incredibly talented women showing off their girl power! The lyrics are so beautiful when you read and listen to them and they aren't a girl band solely dedicated to songs written about being in love and heartbreak. They are a good influence for girls and teens and well anyone, and to me, it's such an empowering album!! Its so hard to pick one song, but I have to say my top 5 are Move, Little Me, About the Boy, These Four Walls, and Boy. I'm embedding the audios to my other top 4 and if you'd like, find a stream of the album here and give it a listen!!
Little Me (Unplugged Version)
About the Boy
These Four Walls

Now its only fair for me to talk about one of my favourite bands in the entire world, One Direction. Some people aren't a fan, but since I saw them yet again on X-Factor in 2010 where they came in 3rd place, I kinda fell in love with their sound. After 3 years of watching music videos, listening to albums, buying merch, watching livestreams of concerts, entering contests, not going to concerts....and just enjoying being in this fandom, this album has left me speechless. The boys wrote lots of the songs, and it has 1-2 songs that have the telltale signs of being written by a boyband. This album has songs that make me want to cry, make me smile, and they just give me that warm fuzzy feeling. I made my family, who DESPISE (somehow...) One Direction, listen to the album, and they said it was really good. Its more mature than anything that they've done before, and I am so proud of them! I love the entire album, but Happily, Story of my Life, Half a Heart, You and I, and Best Song Ever are my favourite songs, even though it was crazy hard to pick my top 5. Again I've put them below if you want to give it a listen!!
Story of My Life
Half a Heart
You and I
Best Song Ever
I hope you all enjoyed this music (not) monday! I'll hopefully be doing more soon!! Happy Holidays!!! 

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