Sunday, December 8, 2013

Beauty: Aveda Face Trials

At the beginning of October, my mom took me by Aveda to find a new skin care product. I had been using a clean and clear product, but it had drastically dried out my face and I even got a bit of a rash from it. Long story short, my face was not doing so hot. When we went by Aveda, and the salesman recommended a line for me to try. It was expensive, but they said give it three weeks! Well the 3 weeks are up, and this is my review!
The Style Selections: Beauty: Aveda Face Trials

So this is my face at the beginning! It's a really bad picture, I took it on my phone, but I had lots of pimples and dark spots on my forehead and on my jawline. My pores were also very big and got clogged easily! My skin was very oily and had a constant, and annoying shine to it.
The Style Selections: Beauty: Aveda Face Trials
Okay so I took another picture at the end of my trial! I can tell a significant difference and 
the amount of spots I have on my face has decreased significantly! My face also feels softer than normal and the shine has gone down A LOT! My face is so clear at the moment and I love it, I don't even know if the picture I took did it justice (please excuse the weird look on my face, it was a spur of the moment picture by my brother...). 
The Style Selections: Beauty: Aveda Face Trials
Okay so in case you liked this and want to try it, all of the products can be found at an Aveda store, or below through the links provided. I used a certain regime that the salesman recommended and I can really see the difference.
The foam, which I always used first, just spreading it around, and gently washing off. It costed $27 and can be ordered here 
Next I used a set of facial pads to clean. There are 30 I think in the tub, and I used one or two a day, and I found that I could cut them in half after my face started getting healthier. It costed me $33, and you can order them here
The final thing I used was a little tube of lotion. I didn't use much in my 3 week trial, and I still have lots left! With Aveda products, I realised that a little goes a long way! The lotion softened my face significantly and it helped hold in moisture. It costed me $40 and it can be ordered here.
I hope you all enjoyed this review, please give me opinions or suggestions! 

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