Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New (Beauty) Bits: 2 Instanatural Body Creams

Being young is a good and a bad thing. Good things, like good skin, don't come easy to everyone. I have not had the fortune of having the most beautiful skin, which is partly my own fault. I did not exfoliate properly when I was little so now I have lots of stretch marks, but now, I've got a new way to fix that or at least not make them look so bad. 
The Style Selections: New (Beauty) Bits: 2 Instanatural Body Creams

The Style Selections: New (Beauty) Bits: 2 Instanatural Body Creams
Cellulite Cream - $24 // Stretch Mark Cream - $24 
Above you can see 2 creams from InstaNatural, an all natural and organic beauty company, the Cellulite cream and the Stretch Mark cream. The cellulite cream is not really necessary in my case, but it's nice to have because it's keeping my legs extra smooth and the skin tight. In a few years, I just may need it more than I do now so it's a great tool to have now. The main thing that I'm here to talk about is the stretch mark cream. Stretch marks are awful. I've had them for as long as I can remember, but this is probably one of the cheaper methods I have found to fix them. I can never actually get rid of them, only reduce their appearance, unless I have all of the skin on my bum removed, but I just can't do that. I've only been using the cream for a few days but I can tell that is really exfoliating and helping change the appearance of the skin, so in a few months, I'll post some vacation pictures so you can see the progress. 
You can find both creams on the Instanatural website along with the other products that they carry that cover everything from hair to skin! 
*Big thank you to Brandbacker for providing me with this product and Instanatural for the free samples of both creams. All of the reviews of the creams are mine and mine alone. I was given free samples, but the provided opinions are my honest opinion. *

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