Friday, December 19, 2014

Dear Santa...Here's My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa, hope this letter finds you's been a pretty good year for me, so I hope it's also been so for you! I bet you are getting all of the presents ready for the little ones, so I'll make this quick and easy. There's only a few things on my list, but they aren't much, but just enough for me. 
The Style Selections: Dear Santa...Here's My Christmas Wishlist

Watch - Burberry | Bag - Brooks Brothers | Shoes - Vince | Parka - The Hut | Cape - BCBG | Dress - Victoria Beckham | Skirt - J.W. Anderson | Bandeau - River Island | Crop - New Look 
I see that you have come and found my Christmas wishlist/open not to Santa! As much as I would love to share the letter with you all, it's for Santa's eyes only. BUT, I am happy to share my wishlist. 
There are somethings on my wishlist that aren't fashion related, so I'll just keep this simple and fashion related because that's why you're here. As you can see above, it's a small list and comprised of clothes, shoes and accessories.
I'm going to go with accessories first because every girl must have accessories. I own a nice Timex watch that you've probably seen in some of my outfit posts, but it's time for it to retire. I found this watch on Polyvore and even though I'm pretty sure it's a men's watch, I love it. I like simple watches like this. The one above is a Burberry watch and there's a link above for you to find it!  The other accessory on my list is another black crossbody satchel. My go-to bag is in the shop for repairs which means it's only a matter of time until it gives out on me. Black bags are a simple way to keep an outfit contained and they are super easy to carry as crossbody style bags!
Next up is shoes. What's a girl without her shoes? I love these pair from Vince even if they aren't in my price range at the moment. They are similar to a pair that I saw at Zara not too long ago so I may pick those up one day soon.
Next is outerwear because I'm big on nice outerwear that I can wear all year long. The parka has a removable hood and lining on it and who doesn't love a parka for travel? I definitely need one next year for college because no matter where I go, the only places I'm looking at have frigid weather during the winter. The cape is a cute piece in my opinion because they are in right now and I've been saying for years that they should make a comeback! The BCBG one above is beautiful and has a leather trimming on it that adds an extra flare!
I like contrasts and on my dresses especially, I love a good contrast. The VB one above is definitely a great piece to have, even if it is over $2000. The floral on white contrasts with the black but it's such a great statement piece that even I couldn't say no. The midi skirt that is from J.W. Anderson could also be a great contrast piece if paired with a great thing. Midi skirts are really popular this fall/winter and they transition well for spring/summer so I am planning on investing in one for the year!
I promise this is the last section of my list! So bandeaus and bralets are super cute and I've been working out all year so my tum is really toned. I love wearing bralets and I've bought all of mine during the fall when they're offseason and cheap, so when spring/summer rolls around, TSS will become crop top central (not really all the time, but a lot). The one from RI is really nice and reminds me of a jumpsuit I found at Topshop a few months ago and obviously the New Look bralet is popular with the lace inserts!
Well this is my Christmas wishlist! I really want to see some of your lists also, so feel free to let me know in my comments below!


  1. Love that pretty dress!

  2. i need a top like this, great list:D