Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Vinted App

Hello lovely ladies and gents! Welcome to the officially 1 years old TSS! Now that my giveaway is over, my life and blog are returning back to normal. So per usual, I've got a Tech Tuesday post for you all! 
The Style Selections: Tech Tuesday: Vinted App
The beautiful icon you see above belongs to the app, Vinted, a new clothes selling-swapping app built for just about anyone. Most bloggers are using Depop to get rid of their old stuff, but I find Vinted a lot more userfriendly. It's a simple app, and other than a small fee, you can make good money from it! It's like most other clothes-selling apps, but you can connect and share easier with others, in my opinion!! You can categorize your items, set your own price, pop in some photos and a description, and bam! You've just begun to sell on Vinted!  
If you want to check out the app,

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