Friday, October 24, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M: His New Killer Collection

The Style Selections: Alexander Wang x H&M: His New Killer Collection
Alexander Wang. H&M. One of the biggest designers in the world. One of the biggest chain stores in the world. Now imagine that the two were working together on a major collaboration that comes out in a month. Oh wait. This is actually happening! 
Alexander Wang has always been a favourite of mine, especially after last year with his Parental Advisory mesh insert sweatshirt that killed street style blogs everywhere last year. H&M has been bringing in big names over the next few years, with people like Versace and Karl Lagerfeld. I was super excited a few months ago when I found out that Alexander Wang was collaborating with them, and when I saw the first look of the collection, I knew I had to write about it. 
The collection is mostly blacks and greys, with the occasional white or pop of color. Alexander has made street style more than chic with this collection, branding his name and signature mesh all-over the pieces. With everything from heeled booties to crop tops to bikinis, the range has pieces that can connect with just about anyone and will look fabulous on anyone. The entire collection has a gym vibe to it, with accessories like sweatbands and boxing gloves, that can be used to accessorise the collection. 
The pieces range from $10 to about $350, the lowest most likely being one of the many beanies that Wang has created.  
Alexander Wang is always one to put on a fabulous show, so at the official H&M launch party, he littered the front row with bloggers, designers, and celebrities, most of whom were wearing the collection (and looking amazing may I add). There were dancers and acrobats and musicians who kept the show alive and upbeat, common to Wang's other shows. The runway was filled to the brim with models, showing off their toned bodies and Wang's supreme (in my opinion) collection. The collection was made for people to work out in, but as it gets colder, I feel as if the pieces will become sportwear street style, not gym clothes. And plus, who would sweat in a pair of $50-60 leggings? Not me fyi. 
I've come up with some ways to style the collection, which can be seen below, and I'll continue to post more on instagram to provide some inspiration for you all! 
The Style Selections: Alexander Wang x H&M: His New Killer Collection

You can view all of the pictures from the collection here, or if you're interested in watching the show that H&M and Wang put on, you can go to the official website here! The official collection goes on sale November 6th in store and online, so keep your eyes peeled for more info!! 
Enjoy xx

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