Monday, September 22, 2014

The NYFW SS15 Roundup

Oh the joys of college/uni applications!! My life has been more than hectic for the last few weeks, so if you're still around, a big hug from me goes to you for sticking around!! 
Now that I'm back, I'm going to kick off with something EVER FASHION LOVER KNOWS JUST HAPPENED! THE START OF FASHION MONTH!! (Can you tell I'm excited?) Here I'm going to cover some of my favourites from New York Fashion Week, which happened a few weeks ago! I'm also going to list a celeb or two who I think would wear the collection! 
First up, Rebecca Minkoff!
The Style Selections: The NYFW SS15 Roundup

Rebecca Minkoff is, in my opinion, one of those brands where it almost impossible to find fault!Rebecca's SS15 RTW collection was stunning, simple, and classic making use of the staple pieces, like dungarees & shirtdresses, that were so key last season. The collection uses lots of pastels, especially in other looks not shown above which means that pastels are here to stay! 
Celebs: Karlie Kloss & Danielle Bernstein
The Style Selections: The NYFW SS15 Roundup
Next is Altuzarra, a big name, who I've heard in passing, but never taken the time to REALLY look at. That was a big mistake. I love this collection. It's daring, plunging, sheer, shimmery, flowy, everything I want during next summer. There's no way to resist how sexy this collection is, and just fyi, I'm in love. 
Celebs: Rita Ora & Katy Perry
The Style Selections: The NYFW SS15 Roundup
Rebecca Taylor, a name most people know, but don't really know. Similarly to Rebecca Minkoff, Rebecca Taylor is classic to me, but this show, I think they stepped up their came a bit! I was so happy to see so many embellishments and add-ons to their pieces, but they still stuck to their basics! Again, the entire collection isn't above, but from what is, can't you tell that this is something amazing? 
Celebs: Taylor Swift & Reese Witherspoon
The Style Selections: The NYFW SS15 Roundup
The one thing about Alexander Wang is that he never lets me down. I've never been disappointed in a collection of his, and his SS15 is no different. It's sexy and geometric and oh-my-gosh-let-me-die-because-this-is-perfection in my opinion. He mixes it up in each design, but still keeps them revolving around that same theme. High fives to him 
Celebs: Iggy Azalea & Nicki Minaj
The Style Selections: The NYFW SS15 Roundup
Thankoon. Not going to lie, I don't remember hearing about them before this season. I probably was just too out of the loop but still. They impressed me with the patterns and again the summer basics, and I can't see anything wrong with the collection. It would make for an easy, breezy, beautiful (sorry not covergirl) summer if I had this in my wardrobe! 
Celebs: Selena Gomez & Emma Stone
The Style Selections: The NYFW SS15 Roundup
DVF for short, Diane is always a favourite at any fashion week show. And to add to the fact that she had a star studded runway (*cough cough Kendall, Naomi, & Malaika cough*) adds to the amount of press this collection got. It's gorgeous and Diane definitely took the spring and ran with it in this collection!! The lace, colors, patterns, cuts, and everything in between were perfect, which is why this was definitely my favourite of the week!! 
Celebs: Miranda Kerr & Alexa Chung
I hope you all did enjoy this, there will be a Tech Tuesday tomorrow, and some other fashion week related posts coming soon, so keep a look out!!

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