Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Fling

In this social age, you can never have too much anonymity. Most people have their snapchat, where they talk to friends and send them pictures, but how's about finding friends across the globe. 
The Style Selections: Tech Tuesday: Fling
Fling is almost like Snapchat, but in my opinion, almost cooler! You aren't sending pictures and messages to your friends, you're sending them to people across the globe! The app is simple, quick, and easy, and perfect for those who just want to have a simple chat with someone across the globe! With the rotation of your phone, you can send a message from the US to Australia or China, for someone to open. You can pick the amount of people who receive  your fling, from 1-50, and you can pick where it goes. Yes, with this anonymity there may be problems. You may get the random body appendage that needs to be kept under wraps, but if you get any of that, you can report the person with a simple swipe of your finger.
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