Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meeting the Girls of G.R.L. and Gaining Some Industry Tips

What a way to kick off an eventful week!!! Okay so Monday, I met G.R.L.!! They sang 3 songs for us, Wild Wild Love, Show Me What You Got, and Ugly Heart, and answered fan questions and questions from Kristen from The Bert Show (Q100's Morning Show for people in Atlanta). The event was posted about on twitter, and I was like, why the heck not?!? I really like their music, and was interested in seeing them up close!! 
Can I start off with how pretty they are?? When they walked in, I was like oh my God!! They're so gorgeous!!! The girls of G.R.L (in the order of the pictures) are Lauren, Emmalyn, Natasha, Paula, and Simone aka some of the gorgeous, fashionable, down to earth, talented women that I've ever seen, let alone met.
Not only do these girls have KILLER vocals, but they also have killer style, like seriously, look at these shoes!!!!!
Along with meeting the girls, I met Kris from the Bert Show who was interviewing the girls! She was too sweet AND she's going to the Beyonce concert just like me! Who knows, maybe we'll meet again! 
Before I talked to the girls and practically lost all power of speech, I talked with a woman who works with these fabulous ladies and she gave me tons of tips on how to help my blog and really interact and get involved with the industry! I'm so excited to use these tips, it's going to turn out well I can tell!! 
Just in case you were wondering, I was wearing, I wore:
Dress- H&M (S/O, similar), Crop Tee - Topshop, Shoes - Franco Sarto (S/O, similar)
There's more on my new blog, That Atlanta Beat, including links to the girls' performances and a video about my experience, with a little surprise!! Go take a look xx
Big love and thanks to Q100 for tweeting out the opportunity and letting me come, loved meeting the girls and hearing them sing!! If you're interested in more, check out my Youtube videos below, AND check out the G.R.L girls' singles below!! Enjoy xx

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