Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finally on Youtube

Hello dearies!!!
So if you have been looking at my twitter, tumblr, instagram, etc., you'll see that I'm going on a trip soon!! Its 3 weeks to France, and I'm incredibly excited to be going on Monday!! I'm taking tons of pictures this week in order to have content posted, and as well as that, I'm going to be uploading videos onto my Youtube channel!! There's a widget on my sidebar with posts, BUT I'll also post on twitter, tumblr, instagram, and keek when I make a new post for you all!! Some are outfits, some are hauls, some will be vlogs, but you've got to subscribe here in order to keep up with what I'm doing!! Love you all, and I hope you won't miss me much during the next few weeks, but I don't leave until Monday so no worries!! I'll take lots of pictures in France so there will be fresh stuff when I get back!! 

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