Thursday, December 4, 2014

New (Makeup) Bits: The Return of Makeup by One Direction

So you may or may not remember, but a few months ago, I received a tin full of makeup, sent over by Markwins in order to celebrate the launch of the Makeup by One Direction line! If you want a refresher, feel free to click here and it will link you straight to it. There were giveaways, concert tickets, free makeup, etc. last time, and now it's time for round 2! With the release of their new album FOUR, One Direction has come out with the second release of the line and now it's mine to tell you all about now!

My sample of the collection comes with 3 parts, mascara, nail varnish, and lip gloss. The individual pieces have now been named for each band member, and my set was the Louis, Harry, Niall set.
The first thing that I opened was the mascara, and boy was I up for a surprise! My set came in Pink, Yellow, and Blue. My favourite color is blue, so I tried it on and it worked perfectly. I wore it to school one day and my friends all asked about me wearing blue mascara. The colors are so bright and wonderful and I've never used colourful mascara so it was a great first time! 
The next thing that I opened was the lip gloss. I still use the nude/ orange one that I received in the last kit. The colors are super bright, especially the further down the shades you go. I was a fan of the middle shade and it looked quite nice on, because it has more pink in it than it looks. There is a small amount of glitter compared to the last batch given in order to provide that last bit of shine, but it's in no way overbearing. 
The final section of the new collection that I was sent was the nail varnish. As you can see above, the colors for Louis, Harry, and Niall are blue, pink, and silver. Each color comes with a matching glitter and the silver is already a glitter varnish. They are very nice, but they have to be shaken up a good bit and you have to use multiple coats in order to avoid streaky nails. 
Well that's all for the new collection! Overall,I really do like the contents and suggest them for your daughter/sister/niece who is starting out with makeup and loves 1D! Or if you're going to a rave, then this is your kit! The collection will be available through Markwins at retailers like Macy's,Dillards, and Lord and Taylor, but if you're interested in finding out more about the collection go hit up the boys' Facebook page here or their Twitter for the makeup collections here
*Thank you again Markwins and Brandbacker for allowing me to review the collection, it was lovely and much appreciated. I did receive this kit for free, but all opinions above are mine and mine only.*

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