Thursday, August 21, 2014

(Sort of) New Hair Bits: Crown & Glory Earth Wind and Fire Flower Crown

This item is sort of new, but sort of old. I've just gotten into wearing flower crowns this summer, after realizing how cute they actually were, and this one from Crown & Glory is the first I ever had!! I'd won it in  a contest they ran a while ago, but I just never got around to wearing it for real!! 
This crown is called Earth, Wind and Fire, and it features cream flowers and butterflies and a ribbon tie. I love the tie because it lets me wear it, no matter what my hair is looking like that day. Some days, I have my braids in, some days I have my hair down, so the tie allows me to wear it no matter what!! It's quite handy and the colors are quite beautiful!
You can see the crown on my hair above, I prefer to wear it like this, with wavy hair and my bangs down! If you're interested, you can find the crown here at Crown and Glory! 

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