Sunday, August 10, 2014

Makeup by One Direction: The Big TSS Reveal

So as you all may have heard by now, I'm working with BrandBacker & Markwins with the release of the new Makeup by One Direction line, and I've just received my package and it's time to reveal the makeup tin to you all!
I don't wear makeup often, but when I do, I love to wear it as naturally as possible! The 1D tin is full of stuff to give me a nice glow, but keep to that natural look that I love. There's no foundation or powder, which was smart on the account of 1D because they have such a wide range of fans who are all different skin colors. The tin I received was the Take Me Home tin, and there are 2 more in the "Looks Collection," Midnight Memories & Up All Night, designed to take after the themes of the albums they are named after! 

As you can see, the tin comes with an eye palette, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, and nail polish, but the brown crayon in the corner is a Body Pencil with included stencils, shown below in the bottom right corner of the tin. Everything is written in English and French, to make sure that it can be used by most of the worldwide troop of fans following One Direction! It's a fabulous tin with many things inside! 
First, we have the stencils and body crayon! The crayon in the Take Me Home kit is brown, which posed a problem for me, but for most other people, you would be fine to use it! It can also be used as an eye crayon, and it is a nice color. After my summer darker skin goes away, I probably could use the crayon just fine, but at this time, I'm just a tad too dark at the moment. There are triangles, diamonds, crowns, arrows, etc to use to decorate yourself, so be sure to get creative!! 
The nail varnish from the Take Me Home kit is a clear gold glitter polish that you can wear as a single coat, or as a coat over your own polish. It's simple enough that you can wear it on an everyday basis, but it can spice up an outfit and make your nails stand out a bit more. 
The lipstick and the lipgloss go together, but the great part about them is that they can still be worn separately. I'm quite a big fan of the lip gloss, and even though it looks like its a super tacky orange color, it's actually a clear shiny gloss that is beautiful on! I kept mine on all day after I filmed my video, and you can see it below! The lipstick is a pinkish color, and if you wear the lip gloss over the lipstick, it will be a real pop in your outfit. 

Next is the, appropriately named, "Little Black Dress" mascara. When can you never have enough mascara? It's a great tube and it does what it's supposed to. VOLUMIZE! The brush they included with the tube is great for volumizing and the mascara is pitch black which is nice and means that it can be used with other things. 
The eyeshadow palette comes with 5 colors, in the Take Me Home tin, it is "Little Things", "Back For You", "Take Me Home", "C'mon, C'mon", and "Change My Mind", all named after songs by One Direction. The eye palette comes with a makeup guide for a great smoky eye, I didn't take  a picture of mine, but it turned out quite well, even though I had to swap a shad because of my skintone. The colors go great together, and they are beautiful when applied correctly!! 

The tins will be available at Macys' starting August 11th, and it will be available in the US at Stage Stores, Dillards, Beauty Brands, and Lord and Taylor starting August 25th. The international release dates have yet to be released, but don't worry, they won't leave their international market waiting for long!! I definitely recommend trying this kit, it is really well made and works for a wide range of people, perfect for daytime and night time! 
If you want to follow the band's makeup line, make sure to like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and Instagram
I've also done a Youtube video for you all so you can see my reaction to the makeup! 

*I did receive this tin for free from Markwins in partnership with Brandbacker, but all of the views expressed in this post and in my Youtube video are solely mine and have not been influenced. * 

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