Tuesday, July 22, 2014

End of Summer Accessories Roundup

End of Summer Accessories

Summer is nothing without the accessories, and since it's the end of the summer, I've put together a post of accessories that have gotten me through the summer!

1. Midi rings - I wear rings religiously. I wear my favourite two, my silver Claddagh ring that I got in 8th grade, and my senior class ring, every day, but this summer I started experimenting with midi rings and I love them when I find a good pair! I did have a bit of a slip up with a cheap pair I bought, but they look amazing and are a good accessory!
Try these from ASOS or these from Forever 21
2. iPhone LifeProof Case - I'm clumsy. Simple as that. This case is wayy better than Otterboxes in my opinion because they are water resistant. I can take my phone in the pool (accident or not) and it'll be fine!! Summer/LIFE essential!
Find it here
3. Everyday Phone Case - I don't use my Life Proof case 24/7 and when I don't I either use a generic case, or just a quote/motif case! Simple, cute, and goes with any outfit!
Find one here
4. Hair Chain - I went a bit nutty and ordered a bunch off of ebay this week for a festival in Atlanta that I'm hoping to attend! I love these and I can't wait to embrace my inner hippie and wear them all next year!
Find one here from ASOS
5. Snapback - I can't go on a major trip without having a snapback. They are so versatile, and if you wear the right one, it can make your outfit spectacular!
Try this one from Boy London
6. Flower Crown Headband - Again my inner boho girl is making an appearance. These didn't make much an appearance in my attire until the end of the summer, but I fell in love with them once I really tried them on. I'd had a flower crown from Crown & Glory that I wore once and a while, but now I know what I've been missing!
Try this one from Topshop
7.  Umbrella - RAIN RAIN GO AWAYYY!! The rain has been horrid in Atlanta lately, I feel like I'm in London. It's insane how much the sky has been crying and I wish it would stop and the sun would come back out.
Try this umbrella from Kate Spade
8. Signature Sunnies - I wrote a post about sunnies earlier this summer and I meant what I said. You have to have a signature pair that are with you all year. Whether they are classic aviators or wayfarers, or new curvy lensed sunnies, you have to have a pair you always go back to, that you know look amazing!
Try these Fendi ones or these from Forever 21
9. Floppy Hat - Also on my Summer Wishlist, floppy hats are amazing. I took mine to France, and wore it almost every day! Great way to beat the heat and look chic!
Try this one from Amazon
10. Bad-Hair-Day Beanie - Beanies are a must have, just like snapbacks. I love hats, and beanies are essential for that bad-hair-day when you roll out of bed and don't wanna fix your hair.
Try this one from ASOS
Let me know what your end of summer accessories were in the comments!! 

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