Saturday, June 14, 2014

Youtube Takeover

So recently I have restarted my Youtube channel, and during the 3 weeks I spent in France, I posted videos for you all to enjoy. They are my first ones since I started back on Youtube, so some are a work in progress. 
One of the videos that I posted was a tag video, The Black Girl Tag. I've seen tons of people doing these videos, so I said why not and made one of my own. My voice was going out and I didn't speak very loud at parts, so the sound quality isn't the best. I think you can still hear me and my answers though! 
Next, I posted my first outfit video, featuring my favourite Topshop bralet and a few vintage buys. I had my hair in an afro, because it was freshly look for me eh?
Next was another outfit post, where I teamed a crop tee from Topshop with a leather trim skirt, also from Topshop. More deets in the video. 
I went a bit gothic and wore my Leith tunic for the first time, with another appearance from my afro. I slipped the same skirt beneath it to help make sure nothing inappropriate was showing, and it added some volume to my tunic. 
My last outfit post was an oversized (like I wore my dad's hawks jersey in this oversized) basketball jersey with my crazy hair again. Don't worry, there were shorts underneath, and I wore my favourite Zara booties. 
There will be more videos and vlogs coming out since I'm back and in fact, I filmed one today for you all!! I'm doing vlogs that will be up soon, so check my channel here and subscribe to keep updated!

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