Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Super Summer Wishlist

Everyone's got a wishlist, and everyone's got a super summer wishlist!! I wanted to share the top 15 items that I'm going to try to get my hands on, or something similar, to revamp my summer '14 wardrobe!!
The Style Selections: My Super Summer Wishlist

1. A Denim Dress - Denim dresses are a favourite of mine, especially ones similar to this denim shift dress from Miss Selfridge,  because they are simple enough that they can be paired with a nice statement necklace, or they can just be left alone and paired with a simple pair of heeled sandals. Denim dresses aren't only for the summer, but they can be used in the fall/winter with a pair of tights, boots, and a nice boyfriend coat. 
2. A Simple, Classy Crop Top - Crop tops can be dressed up or down, which means that they are perfect for a festival this year, or for a nice dinner. I personally love anything high waisted, so crop tops are a beautiful thing when paired with high waisted shorts or pants! Ones similar to this crop from Monki are great because it is good for any time of day, and its a good day-to-night piece any time of year.
3. Triangl Bikini - Triangl. Triangl. Triangl. Every one has been talking about this swimsuit because its AMAZING. Neoprene swimsuits? Just in case you don't know, neoprene is the same material wetsuits are made of. I am a fan of the Winnie Holli Hyde bikini out of all of their bikinis, I just love the print on it. I've heard that they hold everything in, and that will be amazing this year.
4. A Bralet - Not only do I love crop tops, but I love bralets. I have one emblazoned with PEACE that I adore, so I would love to extend the love with bralets. Embellished ones, like this one from Topshop, are great statement pieces and can be paired with simple shorts or a skater skirts. Bralets flatter any boob size, and they are super sexy and let you stay cool in the heat! 
5. A Printed Playsuit - Playsuits are amazing. Rompers in the US, but I use playsuits as a simple way to not have to find a pair of matching separates to make an outfit. The one above is from AX Paris, but there are plenty of similar ones because playsuits are popular so most brands serious about keeping their consumers create playsuits, many of which are printed. 
6. A Strappy Cami - simple. cute. sexy. That's what I love about strappy camis. You can tuck them in to a skirt or pair of shorts/pants or, if its layered like this one from Kate Moss x Topshop, you can wear it over the top a pair of shorts. They are a cute and easy way to look cute, and I love pairing them with big hats. 
7. An Oversized Tee Shirt Dress - I'm a big Little Mix fan, and I see Jesy Nelson wear tee shirt dresses like this all the time!!! I love shift dresses, and being able to pair them with tights, boots, sandals, heels, etc. allows me to use them for a wide variety of occasions. Ones, like this dress from River Island, have amazing prints on them that make the outfit without having to overdo it with accessories. 
8. A Skort - Skorts. I wear them at school (but its khaki and gross), but when the skort phase began with the Zara skort, I loved the simplicity of the skorts, but the asymmetrical hem that most have make skorts sexy. Warehouse designed the one you see above, but today, skorts come in every shape and size, so don't worry if one's out of your price range, there's another at a similar store with one  you'll love just as much!
9.  A Pair of Wide Shorts - The ones from Topshop above are sold out (which I'm sad about because I love those), but wide leg shorts are beautiful!!! Most come in chiffon or a similar breathable fabric, so they are great on super hot summer days and can be paired with anything from a tee shirt to a strappy cami!! 
10.  A Shirt-Dress - Ever since I saw a green paisley one from Topshop, I've been in love with shirtdresses. I think they are incredibly cute, and simple ways of staying chic and comfortable this summer! The one above is from Mink Pink, and I love the dots! 
11. A Backpack - Backpack. Rucksack. whatever you want to call it. I just bought one from Target, which is pure coincidence because the one above is from Target, but I love having a  funky backpack with me even if school's out!! 
12.  A Pair of Color-Block Sandals - Sandals. What girl doesn't own sandals? I like the idea of sandals that have something different about them, and ones like these from Sol Sana would look cute with a flirty skirt or with a pair of shorts and a crop top!! Who can say no to that?
13. A New Pair of Sneakers - Maybe not rhinestoned Nike Frees like the ones above, but a new pair of running shoes are necessary this summer. Fitness is a big thing for me, and I'm determined to be in tip top shape by the end of this summer! Don't wanna get out of shape during the beginning of senior year by drowning in college apps do I? 
14. A Chiffon Overlay Maxi Skirt - I LOVE maxi skirts. I bought one from H&M last year, and I'm in love with this one from Topshop(which is sold out too...). Maxi skirts are great if you're going to try and stay conservative, but also trying to beat the heat and stay cute!! 
15. A Wide Brim Hat - Floppy wide brim hats have been seen on the heads of bloggers across the globe, and this hat from Topshop is no different! They keep the sun off your face (which keeps you from getting a sunburn), but they also are a super chic and on trend this year!
I hope you all enjoyed this!! Leave your summer wishlist in the comments below!! I can't wait to hear them!!

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