Monday, June 9, 2014

6 Pairs of Sunglasses Every Woman Should Have

There are certain essentials that should be present in every woman's life, or most at least. The great thing about sunglasses is that they can be worn anytime of year, not just in the heat of the summer! There are different sunglasses for different outfits, events, people, etc. and now I'm giving you all my guide to the sunnies of the world. 
The Style Selections: 6 Pairs of Sunglasses Every Woman Should Have

I love sunglasses. I won't leave the house without a pair in my bag. I may leave without an umbrella, my wallet, keys, license, etc., but never without a pair of sunglasses. I always do an essential mirror check, because to me, sunglasses are a key accessory that can make or break an outfit (sometimes). In my opinion there are 6 pairs of sunglasses a woman should have, not all at once, but somewhere scattered around her accessory pile. 
1. A Fun Pair - Who doesn't love a fun pair of sunnies? I've got like 3-4 pairs somewhere in my house!! I  love having a funky pair when I'm out with friends or on vacation! Plenty of designers have been making more interestingly shaped sunglasses, but you can just as easily go to your local Target or Dollar Tree and find a fun pair of sunglasses to brighten up your accessories. 
2. Oversized - Iconic. Chic. Mysterious. All adjectives that have long been associated with woman who wears oversized sunnies. With your hair pulled back the perfect way, oversized sunglasses can flatter any facial shape/structure.
3. Circle/Ovals - They've become excessively popular this year, and I used to be immune from them, but I tried on the pair you all see in tons of my Instagram posts, and I fell in love. With most of the outfits I wear, these go perfectly, and they are such versatile sunglasses! Circle sunglasses are great for festival or just for channeling your inner John Lennon/Ozzy Osbourne.
4. Wayfarers - Classics. Most of these are Ray-Ban or knock offs, and in my opinion, its Ray-Ban or bust. Those are the only sunglasses I can fathom paying that much for because of the amount of use I get out of them!! If you're not up for paying the hefty price for Ray-Bans, then every store on this earth (or just about) has wayfarers that look identical to the originals. 
5. Aviators - Another classic. They go with just about anything, and aviators give a sporty/I'm-not-trying-too-hard-to-look-cool look to most outfits! Aviators are great because like wayfarers, they are available just about everywhere! They are fabulous sunglasses and will never go out of style
6. Clubmasters - I personally feel like these are a newer classic, but all the same a classic. Clubmasters are perfect for a vacation in my opinion and I feel like they rest on the perfect part of every person's face. Clubmasters are great because when you *channeling my inner Tyra* "smize", they make the wearer look super sexy and amazing. Gotta love them. Gotta overwear them. Gotta have them. 
Now that I've asserted my thoughts about what sunglasses everyone should have, how do I fare?
Fun Pair? x2 ✓ Oversized Pair? Circle Pair? ✓ Wayfarers?  Aviators? ✓ Clubmasters? X (they tragically a new pair after I took this pic)
Well now that you all know which sunnies I have, which do you have? And are there any I'm missing from my guide? Leave your responses in the comments below!!

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