Monday, May 26, 2014

Trend Lowdown: High-Waisted Bikinis

Its summertime again, which means you're breaking out those bikinis again ladies!! But what if :
a) you aren't super comfortable with your body image (which you shouldn't be because every body is BEAUTIFUL, so cross this off your reasons why not to wear a bikini list. Anyone can wear one)
b) you don't like bikinis
c) your old one is old and worn, and its time for a new one
d) you just want a new bikini
e) you're having severe nostalgia back to the 1970's 
well you're in luck. High waisted bikinis are in style and ready to rock the beaches this year!!
The Style Selections: Trend Lowdown: High-Waisted Bikinis

I think high waisted bikinis are fabulous, and with their popularity today, they come in enough prints and patterns to fit everyone's style. As you can see above, most come with a bustier type top, but they can be paired with normal triangle tops, or strapless bikini tops too!!
Tons of celebrities have been wearing these bikinis, and I will be hitting the beach in at least 1 high waisted bikini this year! I have been working out tons this year, so you'd think that I'd wear as little of a swimsuit as possible in order to show off my body, but I have a slim waist, with a bum with its own area code, so I love anything high waisted, since they hold everything in! They flatter my waist and hide some of my bum, so all is well!! I also love how they are more conservative, yet still very sexy swimsuits!! You can never know who you'll meet on the beach, so you always have to look your best!!

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