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13 Trends to Try Before 2014 Comes

The Style Selections: 13 Trends to Try Before 2014 Comes

Its almost 2014, I know its almost that time now, so I picked out 13 of my top favourite clothing trends this entire year that managed to last through the year! I wrote a similar series of things that are good FW items and essentials a few weeks ago that you can read here, but I thought it'd be fun to talk about 13 of the trends that caught my eye this entire year!! I haven't been blogging long enough for everyone to see what I like and why, but these are some of the things I wore this year.
1. Fur Hooded Parkas 
A few months ago, I saw Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix porting around her parka and I knew I had to have my own!! I'm a big fan of khaki, and the color of the parkas I've seen recently can be fixed with tons of things! Most now a days come with a removable fur lining that can keep you warm in the winter, and if removed, let's the parka be worn in the spring/summer. Parkas are great and can be found just about anywhere, since they are such a big hit. 
Want to try one? Try these: Topshop, $190 or Macys, $95 or Sheinside, $57
2. Lingerie-Style Dresses 
In the words of my dad, "young people are wearing less and less clothes these days", and to be honest it's kinda true. But that doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Topshop came out with these slip,dresses a few months ago, and when I slipped into the black one, looking for a nice summery dress, I fell in love. Slip dresses are fabulous because they are lightweight enough that they don't pack too much heat in during the warmer months, but if you like wearing them in the colder weather, they can be easily layered with a long coat, or a big sweater! Zara and Topshop have some of the best ones, I've tried on ones from both stores, and they are available in store and online.
Want to try one? Try these: Topshop, $50 or Zara, $179
3. Dungarees/Overalls
Calling the 80's!! This year has been the year of throwback style, and dungarees/overalls are the major thing we brought back. I personally am I fan. They accentuate curves if they fit right, and I just thing they are adorable, and not just on little kids. I actually just ordered a pair off of ebay, and I'm excited to wear them!! They can be worn in to fancy places with a nicer pair, or more casually with a classic denim pair! The options stores and retailers are proving with them are endless at the moment, and it's hard to not find a good pair for just about anything! 
Want to try a pair? Try these: Topshop, $40 or Topshop, $120
4. Boyfriend Jeans
Baggy baggy baggy. Skinny jeans haven't left the building yet, but women around the world are turning to less fitted jeans and I like not having to squeeze my soccer legs into a pair of skinny jeans everyday! I found a pair of ripped ones in my mom's "I'm about to throw stuff away so take what'd you like pile" and I'm absolutely in love with the light wash. Boyfriend jeans come up a bit higher than normal jeans, and they make hips look really nice, in my opinion! High waisted jeans are also a big trend, so taking a pair of boyfriend jeans and wearing them fits both trends! 
Want to try a pair? Try these: Boohoo, $50 or Forever 21, $30
5. Monogram Beanies 
Goodbye my dear pom beanies. Not really but at the moment they are taking a backseat to my monogram beanies. They don't have to be black like the ones in my examples, but black is a (mostly) universal color. Beanies can have funny words on them and they can add a fun flair to an outfit! ALL THE WHILE keeping your ears warm, and anyone who's ears get cold easily (I feel your pain) knows that you want to keep your ears as warm as possible, as much as possible. And these beanies don't have to be reserved for just the winter. Wear a beanie on a lazy day in the summer with a pair of shirts and a tee and boom, instant comfy-oh-I-just-threw-this-together-but-I-still-look-hot look! 
Want to try one? Try these: Jawbreaking, $23 or American Eagle, $10 or Dimepiece, $55
6. Trench Coats
I know this isn't new but still. This year, every time I saw a runway show, I saw a trench coat. Trench coats are are a staple for a wardrobe and I really like ones like the black Burberry trenches that can be paired with just about anything because of the color and the shape. They are also good for the summer because you can slip it on over a comfortable pair of jeans and pair of ankle boots and head off to the airport channeling your inner Victoria Beckham. 
Want to try one? Try these: 6pm, $50 or yesstyle, $50
7. Cutout Ankle Booties
I don't know if this counts as a category, but specifically, THIS type of ankle bootie, are my favourite!! I like showing a bit of skin on my ankle (probably not what you had in mind) and with the simple cutout, a single pair of shoes can become your go to for a wedding in the grass, a night out with friends, or even a job interview. You can't go wrong with a good pair of cutout ankle booties, and celebs & bloggers across the globe have been going after these shoes like madwomen.
Need a new pair of shoes? Try these: Nordstrom, $85 or solestruck, $190
8. Oversized Coats
Along with the throwback, oversized is back. I personally love anything oversized, jumpers, coats, everything oversized. And plus oversized coats are crazy warm, especially when you find the right one!! Stores are stocking these beauties left and right, and there's no need to pay $5000 for an Acne coat (no matter how beautiful they are...I'm in mourning still). Just pop over to your local Zara, F21, Nordstrom, etc. and tada. Bang on trend you will be.
Need some extra warmth? Try these: Mango, $150 or Forever 21, $53
9. Leather Skirts
Leather skirts. Skirts with leather trim. Quilted Leather Skirts. Leather is everyone's favourite thing yet again. Personally  I can't get enough, yet again. Its no longer necessary for me just to wear a leather jacket and satisfy my (mostly faux)leather passion. Wearing a nice leather skirt with a flowy blouse or with a blazer can make you look super chic and like a rocker all at once. Who doesn't want to look like a rocker, but still be super stylish and girly? Uhm I know I do.
Need to add some leather to your wardrobe? Try these: Motel Rocks, $82 or Zara, $50
10. Skorts
Zara kicked it off. I give them the credit. Being such a big brand, Zara brought back skorts. No not the khaki ones you wear to school, the cute asymmetrical ones that everyone and their next door neighbor is pining for. I'm absolutely in love with their black one (which I have linked) and its going to become a staple piece in my wardrobe, just letting you all know now. They are cute and they make your legs look amazing!!
Want to add some skorts and be a little school girl chic? Try these: Zara, $50 or Boohoo, $36
11. Denim Tops
Chambray all day. Denim is my love. I still wear my H&M sleeveless denim top a ton (with a sweater over it granted). Denim made its way back into everyone's everyday look with the renewal of dungarees, and now people everywhere are wearing denim 24/7. Not just a nice pair of overalls and your typical blue jeans, but coloured denim. Blue denim, pink denim, black denim, orange denim, whatever color, I bet you can find it.
Add some denim to your closet, its begging you. Try these: Revolve Clothing, $85 or Ralph Lauren, $100
12. Anything Tartan/Check Print
This probably hadn't even left, but I've seen it more than I have in years. Again that school girl chic that everyone loves is coming back with plaid, and with a vengeance. Tartan is perfect this year and in my opinion is super cute. In fact, one of my entrance sketches for design school is featuring a plaid print! Plaid is no longer reserved for flannels or for a school skirt, but now the everyday gal can wear their plaids too!
Want to add some checked pattern? Try these: Dorothy Perkins, $58 or 2b, $42
13. Rompers/ Playsuits
These used to be reserved solely for vacations, but I can't go anywhere without seeing someone in a printed playsuit. These absolutely adorable creations are a must-have this year, and probably next year. They can be worn with tights and out with friends during the colder months, or to a concert or on vacation during the summer. When paired with the right accessories, any playsuit/romper/whateveryouwanna call them, can look perfect!
Need to add  a little playful fun to your closet? Try these: Topshop, $100 or Boohoo, $24
I hope you all enjoyed this, what are some of your 13 things to try before 2014? I wanna hear them in the comments below!! Have a merry Christmas loves!! 

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